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Sleepy ..

So, I was falling asleep last night and listening to TalkSport (the equivalent to SEN for the Australian readers), and I was feeling a little melancholic about the world of sport.

People were talking down the Olympics, because Bolt might be challenged and the roads were a nightmare, our Sally lost her first race in a while, there’s no football (soccer) going on – so 90% of the chat is about transfers (trading except with money and arguments), the English are the pre-emptive number one in all forms of the game in cricket, Mark Webber is about to be screwed over by Red Bull Racing again … it was horrible, a nightmare  …

Then I fell asleep … and woke up … and couldn’t for the life of me remember what the problem was.

In two short weeks the Olympics start … Morgan Stanley are completely over the top in their assessments of Australia’s medal prospects … for the record I am predicting 32 in total, with 9 golds (I hope I’m wrong) … but at the end of the day, who cares.  Can Phelps take another 7?  Seriously, 6, 8, then 7 would be amazing.  Will Bolt be the first bloke to ever hold onto the 100m title?  Will his buddy, his training partner, the kid he pulled from obscurity, be the one to stop him?  I don’t know, and frankly don’t care, I’m just looking forward to watching it play out.

Also been paying attention to the F1 a bit lately … Alonso looks the goods (again), and to be honest, until recently I have never liked the guy, but there is something about him this year that I am warming to.  And how good has Webber been?  If Red Bull stuff him like they did in 2010 again, I think I will have to give up Yeager!  I also feel a little sorry for Hamilton this year, he has been doing everything right, and been hit hard by errors by his team and other drivers – or more specifically Maldenado.  What the hell is his story.  If he wasn’t bringing the oil state money of his home country, I really can’t see how he could keep his “super licence” … but enough of that.

Walcott to Man U … you heard it hear first – okay the transfer talk is starting to infect me …

Talking about some real sports, how good were the Pies on Saturday, an absolute cruise fest after the first quarter.  Can’t wait for the Hawks this weekend!  The Swans look pretty good, and it is a weird ladder this late into the season.  

In terms of cricket, I feel really sorry for Mark Boucher, what a horrific crazy injury.  He deserved to finish on his own terms, but that’s not life or cricket is it?  Surprisingly, as was pointed out by my dad, this injury will possibly help SA by allowing them to play an extra batsman.  Because, given the conditions over here this year, it is an absolute bowlers paradise … and the SA bowlers will give the English boys a run for their money.  I feel that England will win the series, but can also see a 2-2 result.

The test rankings came out this week … Australia in second place?  Now I can’t wait to see the boys move back to the glory days of the 90s, but we are certainly not the second best side just now.  At a push I would accept third, but realistically we are a fair way behind England, SA … then there is Sri Lanka, Pakistan (who we actually haven’t beaten in a while) and India at home … fair hurdle if you ask me.  I’ll take second, but at the same time am really hopeful that the recent ridiculous ODI series and the Australia A tour to England will help us to be able to properly prepare for next year … otherwise, it could be a repeat of the summer of Ponting (‘s demise).

Well that’s my ramblings based on a pre-sleep dream.  Will try to write more frequently and on different topics …



PS – MLB is getting interesting again … got to love a 162 game season!


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