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Here we go …. 1 v 3

Sorry that I have left this for so long, but seriously guys, living over in the uk “cricket” has become a bad word.

The South African’s made the English boys look like they didn’t know how the game should be played, and they revelled in it.

In all fairness the Springboks were pretty dam good, in fact are pretty dam good.

In the lead up to this series I read a lot, I read that we had a dosier (and then that we didn’t), that Punter and Hussey were the ones to steer us through, that we had the bowling line up to do the business, that we didn’t.

Over here, there is an absolute disbelief that Australia could beat the South Africans … I may have take advantage of those odds (or not – mum) … 

And yet …

One hour in, what can you say … Two things jump out – Why the F&*k did Clarke waste that first review?  The keeper was about four minutes behind the appeal, surely he was the first person to ask?

Why did Sids bowl first change? The bloke looked like he would leak wickets when he came on.

Otherwise – I pray that those watching don’t have to listen to my childhood keeping hero speak .. he make me wish I was a leg spinner!

Enjoy all … I’m back – the cricket is on!


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