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Here we go again?

Well I’m back … for now.

Hussey – daylight – Ponting – some more daylight – the rest of the team … scary thought!

Obviously it is early days in the match and series, but being rolled over for less than 300 on the first day after winning the toss and
electing to bat is not a good sign.

At least Clarke hasn’t done a Tubby and scored a pair in his first match as skipper …

Punter looked good for a while, and then lost concentration – again.

To quote a mate’s facebook status – “Hughes is a spud”.

Why is he playing?

Would it not be better to have Khawaja or Marsh opening if they are insisting on keeping Ponting at 3?  Or
dare I say it Katich … (with Khawaja at 3, Clarke at 4, Ponting at 5, Hussey at 6 …)

There has been a lot of talk about how they had to get rid of some of the mid-plus thirty-something’s. There is no need to go into it again, it has been done ad nausea elsewhere (and most satisfactorily by the man himself at THAT press conference).

But if you were going to get rid of one of those 30-something guys, surely Kat would have been the last one to go?

Then again, there is a problem with that also – the only guys with any fight today, and with any chance of looking like they would make a big score were the other two golden oldies.

Is it time to give Payne a run?  (yes)

Oh I don’t know what I’m writing – I’m not at all inspired today – it wasn’t worth getting up at 5am, and now I’m tired and disappointed.   Perhaps it stems from watching England play so well this summer and India so badly and that only the South Africans can save us from the incessant gloating going on in the little island.

I watched some highlights from the first day of the last Ashes series last night, the Siddle hat-trick, the wickets, the Aussies on top.

That continued throughout the first innings with the Huss and Hadden – then it all changed.

Maybe that will happen here, probably it won’t.

At least this is a result wicket with something in it for the bowlers (wow to what some of the exploding balls today) and not a Gabba freeway.

To be honest, right now I have more interest in the final round of the AFL, which will have absolutely no effect, none whatsoever, on the
composition of the final 8 … I might even watch the international soccer this weekend … and certainly will be watching Usain Bolt … the cricket – we shall see.




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