First, don’t bowl no-balls.  It can’t be out if you bowl a no-ball.  It used to really annoy me when Lee kept doing that, so it annoys me when my boy Siddle does it as well.  But props for hitting 150+ kph late in the day!

Second, although it does seem a little hypocritical for a review of a decision, albeit one referred by the umpire, to save an India wicket given their resolute position on DRS.  That said, they similarly referred the ball that got Haddin (although this was deemed to be a legitimate ball) so there can’t be any complaints of bias in that respect.

What I will say about that kind of referral though, is that if a bowler is creeping close to the line, or potentially over it, it would be better for the umpire to mention this to the bowler when it happens, not to wait for a wicket and then get video double-check.  I don’t have access to the nine footage, but if Siddle had been close or just over the line for a few balls, but the only one checked by the umpire was the wicket ball without having said anything to Siddle beforehand, that would be pretty poor.  It’s what happened to Michael Beer last year, he was bowling no-balls for about 3 overs, but was only called on it, by referral by the umpire, on the ball that would have given him his first test wicket.

Thirdly, I am troubled by many of the comments I am reading on the news sites – admittedly it is the Herald-Sun, but still.  “You Aussies” this, “payback” that, DRS didn’t work last time, “typical Australian whingers wanting to take their bat and ball and go home …”  There area  plethora of these types of comments, some quite disturbing.

I am troubled because a lot of these comments are originating from Australia, so why the huge anti-Australian feeling?

I am troubled because there was patently no DRS system in place the last time India toured (and if it had been the BCCI probably would have vetoed it anyway), so these idiotic comments are both ill informed, wrong and often get dangerously close to going down that woeful path orchestrated by Singh and Tendulkar.

I am troubled because the last time India copped a couple of poor decisions, there was such an uproar, and so much pressure placed on the ICC by the BCCI that an umpire was stood down for the next test, and his long and distinguished career ended in a whimper soon after.

I am troubled because the only team (in my lifetime) that has thrown away their toys, and wanted to take their bat and ball home, is India.

I am going to stop reading comments on the Herald-Sun!

On another note – how about that Ed Cowan, getting so excitable and “into” the fielding drills and warm ups before the days play, he ends up spending half the day on the physio’s table rather than on the field because he threw out his back!!

In terms of the cricket, surely that drop will finally be the end for Hads – it was a real easy take, which he tried to make look much harder than it was (mainly through a complete lack of footwork) and still drop it.

Sehwag was great as usual – how good was that over when he seemed to just get bored of Lyon so he smashed two amazing straight drive/slog boundaries, then almost broke David Warner going for a third!  Great stuff.

I went to bed at tea, so missed the majority of Tendulkar – all I saw was that he almost got out to Hussey just before tea – from the reports, that wasn’t a fair reflection of another great innings from … him.

I thought Hilf looked real good early, but pretty average later on.

India have a pretty long batting line-up, so it is going to take a big effort from the bowlers today to keep the match on an even keel – India in front at the moment – but not by too much.



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