Who else goes?

What a day – hard to say if Australia were terrible or New Zealand that good.  But they are now on a par with South Africa!!

So, Punter is gone then.

At least that is the headlines are saying in all the Australian papers this morning.

I noticed that there wasn’t much of a mention of Hussey, Khawaja, Haddin or Clarke.

Hughes going back to Shield cricket is a given (or the Big Bash – whatever … nice move Cricket Australia putting first-class cricket on hold for most, if not all, of THE premier test series of the summer – real clever – but that is a discussion for another day), as far as the press goes, Ponting is the only other one with his head on the block.

He should be discussed, no doubt.  But surely it is not an absolute given.

Huss has looked very ordinary and unlikely to score.  He got a good one that kept low, but still – he should be discussed.

Clarke is obviously safe (even though he shouldn’t be).  Clarke is a real negative whenever Australia need someone to stand up.  He consistently fails when Australia really needs him.  He was rubbish all last summer and was rewarded with the Captaincy rather than being dropped as he should have been.  Even when he did actually score some runs last year, he went out at the VERY end of the day AGAIN to a stupid shot, then apologised for not walking (wanker) and exposed a massively out of form Marcus North just as we were looking like we might be able to hold on for the rain in Adelaide.

Usi shouldn’t be batting at 3, that’s for sure.  Perhaps slotting in at 5 might work for him, but I’m not convinced he is good enough just yet.

Haddin, despite the recent decent innings is a joke.  He was dropped in the slips, then proceeds to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING next ball.  His glove work, although in fairness slightly improved this series, isn’t good enough for him to keep out better keepers who have similar batting ability.  Obviously Payne should get a go, but he is injured.  Wade from Victoria has earned his shot.

Anyway, enough from me – it was a good result for New Zealand, they deserved to win this game (or Australia deserved to lose, whichever).

I hope sanity is preserved, and all the guys who have been struggling are discussed, and the easy decision to ditch Hughes and Ponting is not the only thing on their minds.



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