Well then …

I guess I chose the wrong day to take off from work – who would have thought I would have missed something that has only happened once or twice before in the history of test cricket – all four innings on the same day!

I could go on about the Hussey drop, the Hussey shot, Haddin’s inability to play test cricket (Tim Payne, hope your fit), Johnson’s imaginary friend (form and ability), but really, I’ve got nothing to say just now.

Only “d” words – disappointed, depressed devastated, darkening mood, and danger.  Well the last one should read “anger”, but that’s not a “d” word and the Australian cricket team are certainly in danger of completely alienating the public, so it stays.

As super-nanny Jo Frost says so often, in that slightly strange lispy-drop-a-random-letter-from-a-word kind of way … UNACCEPTABLE.


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