This has nothing to do with sport (but Go PIES!!)

This is one of those things, where in one sense, I don’t want to write about it because it gives the author some sort of credibility, but at the same time, he is such an ignoramous contemptuous twat.  He doesn’t even realise it either, as evidenced by his very “defence” where he confirms Justice Bromberg’s actual judgement.

Regardless as to whether you share his views or not, it cannot be (successfully) argued that Andrew Bolt is anything but a divisive character, who loves to both incite and invite controversy.

Yesterday, after a long legal battle, Justice Bromberg of the Federal Court of Australia delivered his judgement that Andrew Bolt had breached the Racial Discrimination Act 1974, which Bolt (and others – most spectacularly members of the Federal Liberal party, who have set up sites online for people to donate to his appeal fund) claim to mean freedom of speech in Australia has now died.

Professor Spencer Zifcak, a man I once studied under and whom I both respect and admire for his academic intellect, in his role as head of Liberty has surprisingly supported the decision.  Prior to it being delivered, Liberty had enunciated, numerously, their concerns about the effect of the implied right to free speech – we don’t have a “first amendment” in Australia, just interpretations made by the (High) Court over time to ensure that we have this right through the common law.  This right is not all encompassing as it appears to be in America, where just about anything can be justified by “free speech”.

Judge Bromberg perhaps deals with this most succinctly with his line about Bolt’s articles being “of public interest, rather than in the public interest.”  This rings very true with me, particularly having closely followed the “super injunction” debate (judicial and political) in my adopted land here in the UK this year.

My bet is that the Professor has actually read the entire judgement in reaching this conclusion.  Something that perhaps Bolt should do also, given his article this morning only quoting the head notes.

From Bolt’s article in today’s (tomorrow’s ??) Herald-Sun, it is clear that he just doesn’t get it.  He truly thinks he is the “conservative voice of the people” and he has been wronged.  While I have never been a fan of Andrew Bolt, in fact have despised the guy’s articles and opinions for as long as I have read them, I have never had a problem with him putting them out there (except when they are racially/religiously offensive).

My main problem with Bolt has always been his lax approach to research and facts.  I was sick of watching him on Sunday mornings on the insiders shouting down people with valid arguments with “the facts”.  Not once (admittedly when I could actually be bothered to do so) did Bolt’s “facts” actually stack up.

And this basically is what has so upset me about his response to a 175(ish) page judgement, he has taken the absolute minimum, and ridiculed those comments by His Honour in isolation, to try to make his point about how poor white male is once again a victim of the system.

I’ve spent enough time on this, there are more important things to do (such as stocking up for a long night on Friday … let’s be honest, I’m not getting up at 4am to watch my boys, I’m staying up all night), but I think this one line in Bolt’s “defence” article sums the guy up:

“I also made mistakes, Justice Bromberg said, although none seemed to me to be of consequence.”

None seemed to me to be of consequence.

Says it all really Andrew.

For those of you who want to make your own mind up, Bolt’s article can be found at

While Justice Bromberg’s decision can be found here:

Oh, and as a final aside, it is lovely to read about how he has spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on his defense – might be a little more factual to mention that HWT (the owners of the Herald-Sun) are the ones to have ponied up the cash … oh, but I guess that is one of those inaccuracies that is inconsequential isn’t it Andrew.

Would love to hear your thoughts – especially you Farmboy!

Back to sport tomorrow!



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