Poor Simon, luck Phil – is that a song?

I didn’t post about the end of the last game.  I didn’t really feel that there was a need – and I was a little shell shocked by Geelong’s shellacking of the mighty Pies.

It was a solid win for the Australians.  A good first up effort from the new spinner (please give him a break and stop talking “spin saviour” rubbish – remember Jason K on a dust bowl in India?).  Clarke batted well, Harris and Copeland bowled well, Ponting racked up his 100th test victory – and Australia knocked over a side that didn’t seem to want to be playing for a full five days.  They have a top order who should be able to routinely knock out 400+ innings –  but they don’t look like they want to stick around long enough to do so.

I can’t believe that I am writing this – it is not something that I thought I would ever utter, scrawl, type … but Arjuna Runatunga is right.  This Sri Lankan team doesn’t seem to want to play test cricket – and the selections are puzzling.

Although the Australian selections continue to be so – David Warner to cover for a homeward bound Ponting???

Are the selectors secretly turning to comedy now?  Writing a show for the next Edinburgh Fringe?

But I digress.

Somewhere, Simon Katich shed a tear tonight.

If only Trott fielded that ball …

Or perhaps Twatto was just trying to get the Krab back into the side?

Who knows.  I couldn’t guess what goes through that guys head.

Phil was lucky that it wasn’t a direct hit, and gets the chance to make some runs tomorrow.  The boy didn’t deserve a diamond duck, especially after the “ball tracking” saga of the previous match.

I can’t decide whether Twatto was lucky or unlucky – but it doesn’t matter now, I guess.

Just that someone needs to slap some good running sense into the pretty boy – even you have to agree with that one Farmboy!?

All out and only a hundred in front after winning the toss and batting at the end of day one.

That kind of brings back some horrible memories from the Ashes.

How good was Hussey’s catch? He probably doesn’t need to score a run in the next two games and will keep his place on that alone!  But wait,
there’s more.  He knocked over the best batsman in the opposition side when he was set.  A wicket maiden and a 50% increase to his test wicket talley.

How much does Shaun Marsh look like his dad?

How has Copeland managed to convince people that a slow medium pacer is the next Glen McGrath?  Bowls well, steady, bit of movement – but SO slow!!  Although I do like his control.

Here’s hoping that Harris’ knee stands up for a while – he looks the business.  Just need to find one more proper (consistent) fast bowler and perhaps the Australians could consistently look like taking twenty wickets again, and perhaps, just perhaps, there is a chance that this side could begin to rebuild.

On another note – would it be better for Sri Lanka to just play 4 spinners?  They just don’t look like taking a wicket until the spinners come on, and they had spin from both ends before the end of the 10th over!

Still a fair way to go in this game.  It will be great to see Marsh have his first hit, and hopefully he can make some runs, hopefully Lyon can get some more wickets – he bowled well today.  And hopefully the Sri Lankans don’t already have plans for days 4 and 5, I’d like to see a bit more cricket!

But first – c’mon you good thing Pies – let’s get that week off!


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