Not that horrible …

Surprisingly, the title doesn’t refer to Australia’s play today.

Before I explain, thanks to those “shout outs” for my piece yesterday  – I didn’t realise that Rusty would be missed, so I will try to write a little
more frequently – perhaps not just on the cricket … no promises though.

It was great to hear from the NBA tragic bemoaning the  impending player strike – mate, enjoy the footy finals, we’ll find something sporting worth caring about for you … time to start checking the racing form – I might even try and get to the Cup with you again this year.

To the expected comments from the Watson fanatic – good to hear from you, and yes, the Baywatch boy bowled well – although your silence
was deafening when the Aussie’s started batting again!

But back to the heading … my favourite comment I received today, in fact perhaps the best comment I have ever received for my writing …

It was nice to spend some time reading something that wasn’t that horrible

Yep – not THAT horrible.

I take that to mean that my Rusty blog is awesome – because everything else they have read on the cricket was terrible.

Yep, I can make that jump and I have.

Which surprisingly is what the Aussie boys seemed to do too.

Some absolutely sensational fielding, a few poor shots, some classic catches and a spinner that turned the ball!

The only major disappointment of the first half of the day was when Mitch cost himself (and the Australians) another wicket due to a no-ball
… seriously guys, you have GOT to stop doing that.  Measure your dam run up, and start half a foot behind it … really will a few inches make that much difference to your ability to hurl the ball down the other end at pace?

Clarke looked good.

Yesterday I mentioned that it was good that they were playing on a results pitch, 16 wickets on day two might indicate that it is too much of a results pitch.

Nah, it’s good to see the batsman have to fight for their runs rather than cruise.

16 wickets in a day, is more of a reflection of poor shot selection, good catching, quality strangling bowling and perhaps a bit of “rusty” batting (did you like that one farmboy?) techniques.

The Aussies shouldn’t lose from here, in fact it should be a big win.  Normally I would have already pencilled it in, but not with this side.  The Sri Lankans have some real quality batsmen in their top order (yes their tail is shite – but so it India’s and Baiji has a few 50+ scores against
a much better Australian side), and it will be interesting to see if the bowlers can do it again.

I haven’t really given enough credit to the Australian bowlers for their amazing efforts to strangle the life out of the Sri Lankan batting line up – the runs dried up, loose shots prevailed and the catching was superb – especially Ponting!

Okay, so that’s the cricket – what about the most important thing to happen tomorrow – Pies v Cats (and in second place Red Sox v Yankees)
… ultimately, neither match means a lot in the grand scheme of things.

The Pies will be playing West Coast next week at the G for a week off on the Gold Coast and a likely match up with the Hawks, the Cats will take on Hawthorn at the same venue.

But both sides will still want to win.

A win to Collingwood would be the best ever season result (they have gone through a season with only one loss, but not as many wins) and that is something special.

If the Cats get the biscuits, then they will be the only side to beat the Premiers this year (twice in fact).

No doubt there will also be plenty of the kids getting the chance to fight for a spot in the big game the following week.  I haven’t seen the teams yet, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Swan, Pendlebury and Jolly are all rested – perhaps Cloke as well …  unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the match live – my leave has been sorted for the rest of final – but the match won’t be a classic.

The Red Sox and Yankees are playing the final game of a three game series – 1-1.  Both teams won the game they should have lost – so perhaps whoever pitches worse will take home the bacon … The two team are separated by a game with a month left in the season.  Both will be playing in the playoffs – most likely they will be playing each other for a spot in the World Series.  The winner gets home advantage … but this won’t decide that – they play each other another 4 times, and both teams have around 25 regular season games left – but it is still fun.  In the first game there was a bench clearing “chest puffing out” competition (put the Manly/Storm fracas to shame … ummm), after a pitcher decided to scone a bloke who had smashed him out of the park the time before.  Quality entertainment that!

Anyway, I am still finding my blogging vibe again – hopefully it will come soon … in the meantime, put up with me (please)!



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