Today I met a Princess

So, I met Princess Anne today.  She was nice, but not really interested in talking about the cricket.  I thought she might after the result this morning.  A match where this time, Shane Watson couldn’t rescue us.  This season’s AB medallist batted selfishly and slowly when the opposite was called for.  His batting was costly, but to be fair, the loss wasn’t totally his fault.  However, I digress, the Princess didn’t want to discuss the merits (or lack) of Shane Watson, nor that of the Australian captaincy, and she certainly wasn’t interested in discussing why Tremblett has missed World Cup selection.  And well, I don’t know anything about equestrian, so we really didn’t have anything to talk about.  She moved on quickly, and I thought naughty republican thoughts, and that was that.

So why did Australia lose today?  Was it that we couldn’t bowl on or outside off to Trott?  Yep, that was part of it.  Was it that Lee was smashed?  Yep, that was part of it.  Was it the lame shot offered by Marsh when forced to bat where the skipper should be batting?  Not so much.  Was it the disastrous, inept tactical display shown by the skipper followed by yet another failure with the bat?  Most likely.

Regardless, of this match, does it really matter that Australia is likely to win the one-day series?  Not at all.  Will it atone for the test series and give us some revenge?  Hell no.  Do I even care?  Not that much.

I did meet the Princess today, and she was nice.  But I didn’t ask her about the cricket, the Special Branch guy told me not to.  And when those blokes say something, it stays said.  So I said “good afternoon” and she said “hi” and moved on.  But secretly she wanted to tell me that Michael Clarke should be dropped by Royal decree.

Happy Australia day!



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3 responses to “Today I met a Princess

  1. Zoe

    Nice piece Mike, that really did make me giggle!

  2. Lophie

    I’ve met her too! Had to give her a bouquet at a charity concert I played at in school. Handsome lady.

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