The day before Boxing Day …

The presents have been opened, the hearty dinner is in the over, the first glass of Christmas cheer has been drunk (just a tipple you see), and everyone is waiting. 

Huss is waiting for some short stuff from Swan, Watson wants to drive.  Punter wants to get off the mark, and Clarke is hoping that he can remember how to bat.  Hughes is cowering under that table, while Siddle is trying to lock Beer in his room.  Haddin is working on moving to his left, Hilfy is eating apples, Johnson is stretching and Hauritz is waiting at Sydney airport, just in case.

Strauss is chewing his gum, and practicing looking hard done by.  Cook is writing columns about how happy he is while Peiterson is working on his strut.  Anderson is working on his pout and getting a massage, Finn’s playing video games and Bell is looking in the mirror.  Collingwood is eating a post dinner snack of raw concrete, and Trott is doing his hair.

90,000+ Melbournians are sleeping off a large festive celebration in preparation of a big day out.

Everyone is on tender hooks.  Who will bat first?  Who will score runs?  Who’s taking the new ball?  Will the weather hold up?  Can Australia do it again, will England come back?

Waiting, waiting … hurry the hell up! 

Me, I am happy, watching a film, waiting for the Queen’s speech (I’ve never seen one before), a big roast dinner on the way, playing in the snow, Doctor Who coming up, playing with my new toys but mostly watching the clock. 

Tick-tock, tick-tock … only 9 hours to go … tick-tock, tick-tock.

Merry Christmas to all … C’mon Aussie, C’mon


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