No Beer for Australia tonight (sorry)

If that isn’t the most predictable headline for today, then I don’t know what is … well that was until the days play actually happened.

So it turns out my outlandish optimism pre-test was actually a little over the top – who would have guessed.  The only thing I got right was that Watson would fail.  Surprisingly, that hasn’t cheered me up – it usually does.

I am not being accused of being too happy and cheerful this morning.

I’m not sure what the reaction is back home just yet, but right now I am pretty angry.  Well not so much anymore, really I am just extremely tired. 

I was angry. 

Very angry. 

It isn’t very pleasant getting up at 3am to watch that.

Now that the coffee has finally kicked in, and I have calmed down somewhat, my only reaction to the first day’s play (other than a feeling of absolute emptiness) is that the England side are pretty good aren’t they?

That being the case, I am just going to list out some random thoughts (potentially rants) about things that popped up today:

  • I simply don’t understand the (non) selection of Beer, why even put him in the squad?  Was he that bad at training?  If he is not in the squad for Melbourne, then there should be some very tough questions asked of the selectors – farcical stuff that.  This is not an endorsement of his selection, only confusion as to the naming of him in the first place.
  • Don’t expect more than a yawn inducing 12 overs per hour tomorrow.
  • Watson departed almost immediately after a break in play – again.  He really needs to work on the ability to switch on/off. 
  • The calls to sack Ponting are premature, and a little off.  I understand (and feel) the disappointment associated with this series so far, however, who would have done better?  What decisions would have been different?  Would a different skipper have improved the bowling, or the top order?
  • It is very amusing to see all the reports/articles calling for Hussey to skipper the side – especially when they are being penned by the same scribes who were calling for him to be left out of the side before the first test, a mere 3 weeks (and 5 innings) ago.  Notably these were the same people who thought North was safe.
  • There is an article in the Herald-Sun today calling for Watson to be appointed skipper.  No.
  • What the hell is with Greg Chappell’s explanation of the rotation of the bowlers for Adelaide and Perth?  Huh!?!
  • Michael Clarke is surely riding his luck.  I know that Steve Waugh has called for the selectors to show some faith in the selected side for a period of time – but Clarke is an established player and apparently the skipper in waiting.  He either needs to show up and perform for the rest of the match (we may need those left-arm nothings), or he needs to be “rotated”.
  • Is it all that surprising that a bloke that has a first class average in the mid-thirties this year, and scored a total (yes total, and for twice out) of 4 runs in his most recent Shield game, struggled?  He looked hopelessly out of form.
  • Smith may be able to tell a few jokes on the field tomorrow, and the team may all laugh, but he is batting at least 2 slots too far up the order.
  • Can someone please keep an eye on D Hussey (in particular) and other batsmen doing well in Shield cricket – I am getting worried about them. 
  • I hate Brad Hodge … but he has a point.
  • Broad’s injury has seemingly helped England, with Tremlett looking pretty good today, certainly more dangerous than Broad did in Adelaide.
  • Collingwood may be the only guy in the England top order that hasn’t scored a ton on tour, but the boy can seriously field.  Punter having been the unlucky batsmen on both occasions that Collie has shown some slip-masterclass action.
  • Anderson, or “Billy-no-mates” as he is calling himself at the moment, really irks me.  To bowl that well, only three days off a flight half way around the world, is just, not on.  I also didn’t appreciate his send off of Harris.

As I said, I am a little empty about this day’s play, I am hoping for a better performance tonight, but somehow I get the feeling that tonight will be time to sit back and watch England settle in for the long haul.  I think I will buy some whisky on the way home – it will make it much more enjoyable, perhaps even bearable.


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One response to “No Beer for Australia tonight (sorry)

  1. The way Australian cricket is heading, Steven Smith better brush up on his comedic skills….Australia will need a lot of cheering up in the next few months….

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