Prophesies, flowers and the English Rose

The unnecessary, ridiculous, and thoroughly expected pre-test prediction

It’s a funny place where I live.  I am constantly getting chided for being too happy, too cheerful, too positive, and so on.  Typically it is blamed on my nationality.  If I had a penny for every time I heard a phrase similar to: “What is it with you Aussies?  What are you so bloody cheerful about THIS time?”, then, well, I’d have quite a few pennies … possibly even enough to buy something good, like a pint or at least a chocolate bar.

Now, I really don’t consider myself to be all that cheerful, or excessively happy – just cheerful enough and just happy enough, I would say.  But I am guilty of being overly optimistic about my sporting teams.  Whether it be the confidence in the fact that my beloved Magpies would win the flag at the start every season – year after year, even when that rubbish windbag (although in fairness, top-notch player and skipper, just a terrible coach and commentator) Tony Shaw was coaching the team to take home wooden spoons – at one point I thought he must have been focussing on getting enough so that the entire squad could go to some team-bonding cake baking session or something.  Just as I am sure that the Magpies will go back-to-back in 2011 (go PIES!!).  I am always convinced the Ipswich will squeeze into the Premier League, and may even make Europa one day.  That Oxford United will not fall any further.  That my old cricket team in Melbourne will take home the flag.  That the Tigers will win the NBL, the Victory the A-League and that Watson will fail.

So it is with that kind of attitude that I am confidently, without hesitation, bindingly and absolutely without doubt predicting an Australian victory in Perth.  My money is officially where my mouth is.

Although, I am not confident, there was plenty of hesitation, I would prefer to be bound in other ways than to an Australian win, and there is plenty of doubt. 

This is why my “friends” over here are wrong, I am not too happy, not too cheerful, in fact I am pessimistic and down about this. 

This is what this Australian cricket team has done to me over that past few weeks (well months).  It has nothing to do with the lack of sleep, nothing to do with the problems in getting Sky, nothing to do with the countless emails, phone calls and text messages from people in the UK with 24 years of revenge to pile on me … it is the lamentable lack of oomph, of verve, of vibe, that this team is playing with.

But you know what, stuff it.  I’m standing by my faith in the baggy green.

Australia to win comfortably!

Andy Flower is kind of scary

Is anyone else slightly intimidated by the steely gaze of Andy Flower?  I watched a press conference with him last night/this morning talking about the English lead up to this test.  He seemed a little perturbed with Jimmy Anderson’s quick trip home, that the WAGS had (or were soon to) arrived, but mostly about who would replace Stuart Broad.  It was very Alan Border in the way he essentially told the assorted press that he knew what he was going to do, but they could sod off if they thought he would tell them.

Then the stare. 

That stare was so intense; I think it may have cracked the camera lens.  When I turned to the sports pages this morning and saw a screen shot of that stare, I had to quickly close the paper.  Andy Flower is scary.  No wonder England have stopped dropping catches started to hit the stumps regularly!

Email quote of the day …

This will only be regular if my mates start to inject something interesting in their over-the-top gloatings … but by far, the best comment I received today was:

Your boys are getting a right humping in the Ashes.  Mind you – Shane Warne seems to have got his own back by defiling their ‘English Rose’ … good to see, as always, he is willing to take one for the team!

What’s your prediction?


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