England v Hussey, Haddin and the rain

So, despite every intention of ignoring this insipid showing by Australia and getting some much needed sleep last night, I didn’t.  Although, I did pack it in at lunch time and was thankfully spared from watching Watson yet again go out soon after a break.  Perhaps pretty boy should take up some yoga or something to improve his powers of concentration.  Actually, that’s just silly, he would never do yoga – pilates is much more his style.

Anyway, from what I did see last night, I think that is it for Doherty, at least for a bit.  It was nice to see him pick up Pieterson (“… see, I told you he can’t play left-arm orthodox …” was attributed to Andrew Hildich from unnamed sources – namely my imagination – which goes on to add an image of him screaming it at Greg Chappell while shaking him violently – I’m not sure why, that’s just how I see it going down) in junk time, but it was quite depressing to see him played with absolute disdain by a rejuvenated Ian Bell (who really is looking very un-Bell like, and by that I mean not completely crap), and a lucky Matt Prior. 

As an aside – and it hasn’t made any difference whatsoever to the position the Australians find themselves in during this match – but how is it that Billy Doctrove can miss Harris smashing it onto his pad in the first innings, and then fail to apply the LBW law properly when Siddle hits Prior on the full?  As I said, it makes absolutely no difference to this match at all, but those types of decisions were what the review system was put in place for.  Billy had a much better game from 22 yards in Brisbane than he has from the comfort of the studio in Adelaide.

While on reviews, why the hell has Clarke issued an (twitter) apology for NOT walking?  He hit it, the umpire stuffed up and gave him not out, England asked for a review, and he was rightfully given out.  This was exactly the type of decision that DRS was brought in for.  Clarke has never been a walker, why would he apologise for that now?  Stinks a little of PR (over) management to me.  I’m sure that England are happy that they hadn’t used any “tactical” reviews earlier in the day and still had one up their sleeves when it counted!  (If you wondering what the hell I am talking about, then you are lucky enough to have not heard the Sky commentary team this match)

Speaking of the Sky team – according to Bumble (David Lloyd), this Australian team is 6 out all out, while I can’t really mount a solid argument against that at the moment, stranger things have happened. 

Storms are due, Hussey and Haddin have been batting well so far this series, and this is exactly the sort of time when Marcus North pulls out some crazy good innings just in time to save his bacon for the next match (although, his history is doing this type of thing is usually when it will save his spot personally, not necessarily the team, so he obviously finds himself in a difficult position tonight).  And don’t forget Monty Panesar and Jimmy Anderson somehow holding on for 10 overs in 2009 at Cardiff, or Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath hanging on for a nerve tingling 24 balls at Old Trafford – so anything is possible.  Although I can’t really see Doug the rug and Sids batting out the final session … that’s, perhaps, where rain helps.

England absolutely deserve to win this match, they have dominated from the start, and have convincingly won 11 of the 12 sessions played (and probably evens for the other one), if they don’t that will be practically a win for Australia, and somewhat harsh on England – but as I am continually being told by the cliché laden participants, “test cricket isn’t meant to be easy”, and wins really have to be earned – plus they batted too long.

Of course Swann (and heaven forbid possibly Pieterson) might just clean up in the first hour, whatever the case, you can (well should) expect a very different Australian side in Perth in a couple of weeks time.



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3 responses to “England v Hussey, Haddin and the rain

  1. Yeah – so that last sentence turns out to be the only one that mattered …

  2. its just fantastic to watch bell play the way he is doing right now…hard to imagine that this is the same guy who was getting picked at during the 2005 Ashes…

  3. Also hard to imagine that this is the same guy from 2009 – the only English batsman to consistently struggle against Johnson! And as much as it pains me to say so, he did look oh so good this week.

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